What’s happening in Ashford?

Tourists and commuters, who often flock to nearby places such as Canterbury or Folkestone often overlook or pass by the historic town of Ashford. Which is fine by most of the inhabitants, who would prefer Ashford to remain an insider secret. Historically, Ashford takes pride in being recognised as the first place in the world to paint white marks on the road. In August 1914, the lines were painted along the London to Folkestone Road and the trend kicked off spreading across Britain in 1918. The kooky fact heralds Ashford as being a town that likes to do innovative things first and certainly, it looks like that trend has continued. Ashford has always been dancing on the edge of countryside glamour and shopping mall city limits. But it would seem that Ashford is changing fast.

Known mostly for its great transport links to Paris, Bruges and further afield European destinations, Ashford had been seen for years now as a place you just pass by or fleetingly visit. The main attraction has been the Ashford McArthur Glen Designer Outlet, which boasts high-end retail stores selling last years products at discounted prices. Locals, who have grumbled about their town being used as a pit stop for years, are now in the midst of a multi-million dollar shake-up. Roughly £530 million if you want to talk numbers. And all that money is being pumped into the centre of Ashford, with efforts from Ashford council to make Elwick Place the new hub of the town, shifting focus from the quaint high street. Elwick Place, which is directly next to the international station, will soon be home to a six-screen cinema, modern eateries, a gym and a 58 bed Travelodge. The proposal also includes extra commercial space, apartments, a car park, a student college and a 120-bed hotel in Victoria Way. If that wasn’t enough the investment is also giving money to extend the Outlet by a cool couple of million. Ashford is gearing up to be huge. No longer a sleepy little town, but a heavyweight centre in its own right, which will rival the likes of neighbouring towns for new inhabitants, shoppers and tourists. The aim is to ensure that commuters will soon settle, the student population will double and the tourists will get off the train and make Ashford a holiday destination.

Ashford, the new heart of kent?

Situated near the Great River Stour, Ashford is a collection of small, idyllic villages, filled with old world charm. If like us you’re a lover of the great outdoors, then Ashford is a great gateway to the rest of the garden of England. Victoria Park, Conningbrook Lakes and all along the Kingsnorth are just some of the celebrated walks that allow those visiting Ashford to experience England’s green and pleasant land.

As mentioned, these days its known further afield mainly for its international station and the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet. For a long time, the major draw for those wanting to live in the countryside and work in the city has been the impressive 37minute, high-speed train journey from Ashford International to London St Pancras. But times are changing and as more people flock from the city to the countryside, the short timed commute is becoming more attractive. Trends are showing that people, especially those wanting to raise a family are moving out of London and into nearby villages.  With the high-speed train a bonus for those families wanting to benefit from the best of both worlds.

Renovize Homes in Ashford – Local & Affordable Builders in Kent

We recently wrote about how the future of Brexit will impact the housing market, with many unwilling to buy until the future becomes more settled. The housing market was Theresa May’s number one priority when she became Prime Minister in 2016, of course, Brexit has steered everyone’s thoughts in a different direction, but that hasn’t eradicated the housing shortage for an overpopulated Britain. Therefore, Ashford council is sitting pretty with their plan to build 7,773 new houses across the catchment area. And unlike others simply building houses wherever they can find land, Ashford is making sure everything is expanding from college buildings to commercial offices, to outlets, hotels and extensive car-parking spaces. All of that means entrepreneurs, solid businesses and families will flock with their revenue to a place that doesn’t just accommodate but exceeds their needs. The cinema alone is estimated to pull over in 1 million visitors every year.

There’s no denying that the future of Ashford isn’t just rapidly changing but is on the rise to become a super town in Kent. And Renovize Homes are happy to announce they don’t have just ringside seats but the side of the stage invitations to help Ashford expand.

Therefore, if you are thinking of moving to Ashford or would like to renovate, re-build or extend your property, our friendly advice line can offer you all the help you need. In the effort to keep things local, we also implore that you use companies that are the real heart of Ashford because whilst we’re happy to be part of Ashford’s future, we’re very proud of its past.