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Frequently Asked Questions

Most UK mortgage lenders accept our New Homes Structural Defects warranty. If you’re unsure, simply get in touch.

Our in-house surveyor will go over your plans before we supply you with a formal quotation. This way we can ensure we quote you correctly and fairly. If you’re in doubt, simply get in touch with us where a member of staff will help you.

It is standard practice in the UK that all new homes have a 10-year warranty from the date of completion. As such, we do not offer a policy shorter than this.

Both homeowner and builder can take out a New Homes Structural Defects policy and it will not affect the warranty in any way.

If you sell your property whilst your warranty is still valid, you can transfer the name of the policyholder to the new homeowner. There is a £25 admin fee for this service.

We will send an inspector to your site to ensure that the building standards we require have been met. Depending on what stage of the build you are at, or if you have a complicated property, the number of visits may vary.

For a New Homes policy, we generally schedule three inspections throughout the build: at foundation, shell and then completion. However, if the property is complex your inspections and the type of inspection required may differ slightly. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss in more detail.

Argo Syndicate 1200 is the underwriter for this policy.

The excess for this New Home Structural Defect Insurance is £1000.

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