Historic buildings require special attention in maintenance and repair that is needed to tackle the inevitable decay and deterioration of building fabric that occurs because of climatic conditions, wear and tear by building users, neglect or other threats.

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Our target for historic buildings is to limit the deterioration as much as possible, which is cost-effective and takes less time and money spent on routine care, regular surveys and minor repairs that protect the value of the building. With good maintenance, this will help to ensure the health and safety of buildings users and the general public.

Our repair on buildings is normally carried out to sustain the significance of the building or place. Equally important in most cases is keeping the building in use, which is the best way to safeguard its future. This can vary from remedy defects caused by decay, damage or use, including minor adaptation to achieve a sustainable outcome.

In order to sustain its significance you first need to understand its values that contribute to that significance and then how the elements that will be affected by repair contribute to those values.

Grade Listed Buildings

In England and Wales, managing the listed buildings is the responsibility of the local planning authorities and the Department for Communities and Local Government. There is a general principle that listed buildings are put to “appropriate and viable use” and recognition that this may involve the re-use and modification of the building. However, listed buildings cannot be modified without first obtaining Listed Building consent through the relevant local planning authority.

This is where at Renovize Homes, we do this all for you, from contacting local authorities to planning we will make sure we fulfill every step needed to work on any listed buildings. We have the experience which will allow us to proceed with the plan and continue with the work that needs to be done.

Example of Grade 1 Listed Buldings

Example of Grade 2 Listed Buildings

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