Why choose Extensions

As life goes on our world changes and so does our home life. Adding an extension will help you to create that extra space helping you to stretch out more as your world changes around you. Whether be an extra room or adding more space to your current living space,  we at Renovize Homes will help your create this extra space to your home making your home more of the home you dream of and deserve. When it comes to your extension you can choose from an arrange of style, whether it be a Mottra, Harlington or a Tatton we will help you each step of the way with our team of experts helping you add more value to your most prized asset financially and personally.  

A Mottram extension is made from glaze glass and insulated columns allowing for light to fall into the room whilst will keeping to your room thermal efficient ensuring that you will be able to enjoy your new room all year around. A Mottram has appeal like no other, it is an extension but it has the look of an orangery allowing your home to stand out amongst the house in your neighborhood.

Harlington plus adds to your home by using a wide range of different shapes. This will give your home a more modern and contemporary feel at the same time making your new extension more versatile than ever before. With the last column technology your room will insulated and the roof being made from aluminum panel with extra insulation mean your new extension will be thermally efficient insure you can make those memory last longer.

A Tatton has one thing that that the other two does not have, this extension becomes apart of your home. This is perfect if you are wanting an extension added but what it to be part of your home rather than your extension standing out. This is done by the tiling of the roof, we have three different colour tiles to go with any roof colour ensure your extension becomes apart of your home. Your new extension add that space and beauty by having a vaulted ceiling on the side keeping this new space thermal efficient so you can use it as and when you wish to.

We have just mention what we can do for your with your extension before we do any of this we will work with you on every level. As we are aware renovating your home is a huge step can be quite costly, time consuming and messy causing you hassles the grader scale and this is not something we want to cause you. All the contraction is done away from your home and then is only assembled at your home on a day that works for your. This will ensure that the mess is kept to the minimal and your life can continue as normal. With a lot of home improvement there is a lot of red tape and waiting for your planning approval to be accept, with us you don’t need to worry about red tape as we have already go the go ahead due to our extension fitting in with building regulation. This means that once you give us the go ahead your new extension will be constructed in now time.

Now we before takes these step we will also ensure that we know what it is you want and what it is we are giving you. One of our specialist will sit down with you and taking to in more detail what it is we do and then to give you an idea of what is you are getting we will do a 3D sketch of your home with your new extension add on. Not only that we will help design your new extension both internally and externally in the way that will work for you before based on the styles we offer and leaving you with all the relative information letting you decide so why not give us a call today or click the “request a quote” button on our home page.


With over 15 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We provide a professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

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