Why choose DRIVEWAYS

When it comes to your entrance to your home, your driveway is the first thing you will see as you enter whether it be you or whether it be a loved one. Having a driveway that has an appeal to eye will help you to create a warm and welcoming entrance at the same time helping you to protect your home. We at Renovize Homes have a solution for your, instead of having your drive made from material such loose gravel, concrete and brick, having a drive made from resin will help you to create that appeal that is warm and welcoming and protecting your home.

Having a driveway that is made from material that is loose can lead to potential problem such as excessive puddles and flooding.  This happens as when the rainwater falls particular during heaving rainfall or melting snow or frost and there is no place for the water to go. When the ground is not smoothing water will start to build up leading to puddles, which may increase leading to possible flooding causing damage such as water damage to your home.  Water damages can lead to a range of problems such as weaken foundation,  damage to home structure, erosion and mould growth externally and internally. Not only this flooding inconvenience cause you delays and frustration as the repairs for water damage can become costly.

Having a drive that is smooth will guide the water away leading it away from your home. Not only is having a smooth drive important but having a guttering and drainage system installed will assure you that the water is gone not lead to puddles on your driveway as once that water has been guided off of your drive into the guttering systems and then in the drain meaning you can come and go with worry.

We at Renovize Homes specialise in resin driveways as we believe this is the best option for your home. The surface is smooth and has self draining elements insure you all water will be gone from your drive as fast as it is falls perfect for protecting your home from the harsh climate the UK has. Our team of expert will help you along the way to transform your driveway into a piece of art and having that wow factor, that will not only impress you but impress your loved ones with the warm and welcoming your driveway as they enter leading them to your home. To give you that extra piece of mind, your driveway will come back with a 10 year insurance back guarantee by GGFI meaning if something goes wrong your will be look after as we at Renovize special in looking after our client looking after them even after the services is finished.  

For more information or to find out how we can help you as an individual give us a call on our number your click the “request an appointment” button on our home page and we will have on of our expert surveyors around.

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