A South-Eastern home improvement company, consisting of Architects, Project Consultants and Interior Designers, specialising in commercial, residential and public sector projects.

Conversions are great ways to create habitable spaces quickly without having to move house. Renovize Homes have over thirty years experience converting lofts, garages, basements and more into valuable, expansive and beautiful areas. We use what you already have and transform it into what you want.

Loft Conversions

Building Regulations state loft conversions must have a minimum height of 2.3 metres, however, chimneys, water tanks or the pitch of the roof can affect this decision. When the roof is less than 2.3 metres, conversion is still possible. Options include, removing sections of the roof or all of it, lowering the ceiling of the rooms below or a less costly option would be to opt for a modular conversion, which is built off site and installed afterwards

Basement Conversions

Basement conversions are an excellent way to fully maximise the space, most people neglect. Look under your feet and imagine your new utility room, living space, kitchen area, business concept, pool-table, gymnasium, cinema or even swimming pool. One of the great things about basement conversions is that they often do not require planning permission. Instead, you are utilising wasted floor space, without structural alterations. However, for those that do, our team of Architects are able to fully advise and draw up plans for you. Our team of specialists work to British Standard, turning your basement, into your new favourite room in the house.

Garage Conversions

Nowadays, few people use their garage as car parking space. Garage conversions can dramatically improve your habitable space and add value to your property. The first thing to assess, is whether your property is structurally sound and could support a garage conversion. Or, if it would be better to build a stand alone garage. Our team of advisers can inform property owners on the cheapest course of action. Owners that live in a conservation area, will also be glad to hear, that there are ways around the removal of the permitted development. Planning permission is needed for clients who live in a listed building, are using the space for business, face council restrictions or if you want to develop further than your permitted development.

Our team of Architects and Project Managers can best advise and draw plans that are sufficient with the eco-system and surroundings. We may also in unique cases advise clients to purchase a certificate of lawful development. Whatever you after, from full exterior to interior design, Renovize Homes has a carefully selected team of specialists to help you.

Conservatory Roof Conversion

A tiled roof can dramatically change a conservatory from being a room you only sit in for half a year, to being a room you live in. A conservatory roof conversion using a tiled roof can help retain the sun’s heat, fully insulate the room and therefore reduce heating bills. Styles can come in a range of colours to fit the exterior of your build and blend in.