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CCTV systems are the most common answer for protecting homes and businesses around the whole of the UK. The count for household crimes and thefts in the UK and Wales for 2015 was 6.4 million. More than 50% of the crimes committed did not find justice due to the victim not being able to find enough evidence to solve where they’re personal belongings went. At Renovize Homes we offer a solution for home and business owners to protect themselves from certain problems occurring. We offer highly reliable and effective CCTV system that can range from large to small projects and can match home owners’ and business owners’ budgets. There are two different types of systems we offer, so if you prefer wireless or IP CCTV, either way it can be monitored from your home, place of work or from any device as long as you have an internet connection.

Our systems can be used for many different tasks. From checking what time a delivery arrived, who signed for it or who stole in other cases. our systems can also be used to monitor your pets and they’re behaviour, we can also offer a built in speaker system with our CCTV which will allow you to speak to your pets or any unfortunate criminal who made the mistake of breaking an entrance into your home, office or garage. you can also listen to whats going on and all this can be done through any device as long as you have internet connection.

With our systems, we also offer services from our professional team that allows you to have peace of mind that when you, yourself can’t monitor the systems for any reason. We can monitor them for you and provide emergency services and security patrol units 24 hours a day so that any incidents or problems can be dealt with and resolved quickly.

The benefits of our CCTV systems for your home:

  • Our systems can meet all budgets.
  • Our systems use DVR’s which means there are no video tapes and everything is digital.
  • Our systems are small and can be hidden from site easily.
  • Our systems can be used as a deterrent for would be vandals and burglars.
  • Our systems offer an excellent source of evidence if its needed.
  • Our systems and be viewed remotely from any destination with an internet connection.

What can be expected from our CCTV systems:

  • A full site survey so your requirements can be matched.
  • A breakdown cost of our system is offered.
  • highly qualified engineers do the installations for you, so no extra stress is caused.
  • We offer a full demonstration to show you how our systems work.
  • We offer a 24 hour service for on call engineers.
  • We guarantee 24 months for our systems.
  • We offer a friendly and professional service.
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