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Wall Finishes

There is a wonder wall, waiting for you. Painting is no longer the go to option, these days the
selection is vast. Walls can have ceramic or concrete veneers or even be wallpapered or plastered.

A) Plaster
A skilled Plasterer is hard to find. Luckily Renovize Homes have found them for you, so you can trust
our professionals Plasters to do the job you need AND clean up after themselves! Renovize Homes
can do wet or dry-lining plaster, depending on what our clients prefer. The more traditional wet mix
plastering is spread directly onto the brickwork and finished with a skin coat of gypsum. Wet
plastering is wider used because it looks smooth, lasts and posses great sound-proofing qualities.
The general rule for all plastering is one room per day, however Renovize Homes work on a case by
case basis.
Drylining plaster is done by screwing or nailing large flat sheet boards onto the wall making it much
quicker than wet plastering to put up. Our Interior Designers can then advice clients on how best to
decorate the boards, for example, painting or skin coating a wet layer of plaster over the top.
However, it is important to note that dry-lining is slightly rougher and duller in shine than wet

B) Panelling (Wood) (Other)
Clients can choose from a variety of materials for their wall panelling. More popular material choices
are usually solid wood, veneered plywood and veneered particle boards in various sizes. It is difficult,
but not impossible to decorate panelling and our team can advise you on the best course.

C) Brick/ Stone Interior
A beautiful brick or stone interior can become the main feature of any home. It is instantly eyecatching
and sets the rooms apart. However, it is easy to get it wrong and to simply rip plaster to
reveal the brick underneath may leave the exposed brick damaged and discoloured. It also may
reduce the sound insulation of the property. Our expert builders and plasters can renovate old
houses to provide bare walls or in new houses place red brick facades on remaining walls. They
make sure nothing is compromised and everything is done to improve the buildings aesthetics,
comfortability and value.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss how you would like your wall finish. We are happy
to listen to all requests and can send out our Project Managers to best advise and implement your

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