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Kitchen Installation

Getting a brand new kitchen doesn’t have to mean ripping the whole thing out and starting again. In some cases, that is the best way forward and Renovize Homes can help design and fit a brand new kitchen. But first, please read our hints and tips on how to make your kitchen look brand new, without it being brand new:

1) Away with the doors and handles. A great kitchen is often buried under shabby, chipped doors or has door handles that are at odds with the rest of the décor. By fitting new doors and handles, your kitchen can be completely restored without you touching any of the expensive stuff.

2) New worktops = new kitchen. Following the same principle as doing away with the doors and handles, a new worktop instantly revamps a tired kitchen. When it comes to worktops, think built-in draining boards, heat rods and laminated, sleek finishes.

2) Lights, lights, lights! A well-lit kitchen can create ambience. Spotlights over a countertop cannot only make chopping your vegetables easier but also leave a sheen across the kitchen. The right lighting can elevate a room, making it look smart, clean and sophisticated. You can also use dimmer lights to create a cosy, homely feel to you kitchen. Our qualified Electricians can fit all of the lights, instantly improving your kitchen.

3) Create a splashback that fits your taste. Splashbacks can be made from a range of materials. Glass and stainless steel are the more popular choices because their simplicity not only looks good but is easy to clean. But if you want personality, then perhaps a tiles splashback is for you. Tiles are a great way to add colour to your kitchen.


We can fit you a brand new kitchen, making everything shine with your personality. After all, it is the most visited room in the house. Our team can survey, deliver, install and construct your new kitchen. From the design to the completion, we can guarantee a kitchen fitted to last, that won’t need any revamps because it will look great, always.

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