Our Electric Guarantee

1) Reliable and Registered
We pride ourselves on making sure we only use registered Electricians, regulated by the UK
Government who are insured and protected so you are too. Reliable Electricians save you in the long
run, from dodgy jobs and threatened safety as well extra cost. Renovize Homes take safety seriously
and so do are certified Electricians. At Renovize Homes, we only offer the best so you don’t have to
2) Changing Electrics
Don’t compromise your safety by modifying even simple electrical work. Instead, contact
Renovize Homes so we can send a certified electrician out to you to check whether the earthing,
bonding and other safety measures are all in place. Inspection and testing is so important, so instead of
avoiding the job; get a certified Renovize Homes Electrician.
3) Planning Electrics
Whether you are re-wiring one room or an entire house it is important to plan exactly where you
want things to go. Nobody likes having to reach around cabinets or behind wardrobes to access light
switches or plug sockets. Our Electricians can plan the layout of all your electrics for you. This way
you know your electrics will be installed where you want and for how much you want.
3) Building Regulations
It is important to find out first if your electrical work needs to answer to building regulations. From the moment you contact us, our Electricians assess the work needed, even considering building regulations, so you needn’t worry. We leave you with a cost-effective quote and your mind put at ease.

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