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Bathroom Installation

Nowadays, a bathroom doesn’t just mean somewhere to wash. It’s a place to escape. From deep-seated bathtubs, filled with fluffy bubbles to rainforest showers. It is all about the bathroom.

Bathroom suites – Whether you after more traditional or contemporary designs, we can provide bathroom suites that fit your needs. We can install bathrooms for all sizes and styles. We have designers that can create eco-friendly bathroom styles that suit you.

Shower enclosures & Wet Rooms – Depending on your preference our shower enclosures can have left or right opening doors. Our shower enclosures can come in whatever shape or size you’d prefer. For those wanting a continuous, easy-access shower, a wet room is ideal. Wet rooms can be made from concrete or wooden floors.

Showers – When it comes to shower its all about two things: 1) temperature and 2) pressure. We can provide our customers with electric showers, that instantly turn cold water to hot. Or power showers offer customers a hot, strong showering experience. Or mixer showers, that allow customers complete control, with thermostatic and manual mixer showers.

Baths – It’s Sunday afternoon, the rain is pouring and the book you’re reading is a real page turner – it’s time to take it to the bath. A good bath makes you feel warm for a bit. A great bath transports you into a luxurious, scented, hot oasis. Ready for your oasis, we install freestanding, straight, corner, double-ended and shower baths.

Toilets – We provide toilets that can be fit to the wall, low level, wall hung or close coupled. We offer toilets and toilet seats in a range of materials, including black or white plastic, beech, pine, oak or thermoplastics.

Basins & Taps – An ill-fitted basin or a leaky tap can cause more problems than what it’s worth. Therefore, from the design to the instalment it’s important to get it right. We offer pedestal, wall-mounted, countertop and inset basins. And we have taps that expertly finish the design of your bathroom, so nothing looks out of place.

Towel Radiators – There’s no need to ever feel chilly again when stepping out of the shower. The towel radiator can be switched on and off whenever you desire a toasty towel to keep you dry. Sometimes, it really is the simple things in life.

Paint & Lighting – Although what you choose to install is the most imperative part, how you design it is crucial. Don’t paint a wall satsuma orange if you’re the type of person to hate the colour in two months. Instead, we can work with you to find a design that doesn’t only work for your bathroom but fits the rest of your house. We also have certified electricians that can install spotlights or overhead lights, that elevate your bathroom experience. We can also talk you through the best wall and floor tiles.

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