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Swimming Pool

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Sustainable, economical and beautiful pools are at your fingertips. All you have to do is dive right in?

Planning Permissions – Safety

Before you can lie, toes dipped in emerald waters feeling the midday sun stretch across your back, planning permission has to be in place. But fear not, Renovize Homes are happy to deliver our customers with an in-house team who can design and implement approved planning permission. We work in accordance with local council guidelines and safety legislation, sorting the paperwork out for you. All you have to do is take the plunge?

Design – Play, Entertainment, Fitness and Wellbeing

These days, one pool does not fit all. By getting to know our clients, our Architects can design a pool, that’s size and shape best fits the lifestyle of our customer. Gone are the days when a pool has to be a rectangular water container, with one diving board. For those who want to play, in a safe aquatic environment, water chutes, slides and jets are just some of the examples we can entertain for your fun pool. For our clients who want a pool to exercise in, a more streamlined, temperature controlled pool maximises health and wellbeing. Then, there are the pools made to be entertained in. Whether you after elegant, natural, clean lines or extravagant, eye-catching, luxury swimming pools, Renovize Homes create bespoke pools fit for you.


Maintaining your swimming pool is not always a job that goes swimmingly. When it comes to properly maintaining, cleaning or even refurbishing your pool, it is best to call in the experts. Renovize Homes bring in their team of experts, from structural engineers, architects and pool cleaners to get the job done, properly.

Indoor Pool

By using the best materials and skilled Structural Engineers and Craftsmen, owners of indoor pools can be assured that they are receiving proper ventilation and humidity control. Spa’s, sauna’s, gyms or changing rooms can be fitted alongside your indoor swimming to ensure client’s have the perfect indoor space. For more information on indoor swimming pools, pool covers, telescopic pool enclosures or even air domes, then hop over to our Contact page.

Outdoor Pool

From infinity pools, to hydro spas, outdoor pools are the new indoor pools. Right from the start, our in-house team can guide you on where to place the swimming pool, the design and style to create optimate benefits for you. An outdoor swimming pool not only massively increases property value, but becomes a time capsule filled with memories for you and your household.

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