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Roof Replacement

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Everybody knows that if you build your house out of sticks, the big bad wolf will blow your house down. It is costly to get you roof wrong, so it is best to trust the experts at Renovize Homes.

Signs your roof needs replacing

By detecting signs your roof needs replacing early on, you could save yourself a load of trouble. Warning signs include, but are not limited to, broken or slipped tiles, water stains or daylight cracks, rotten timbers, splits or damaged metal flashings. By regularly inspecting your roof, especially if your property is a listed building, minor repairs can be fixed by our experienced roofers, before problems escalate. Depending on the type of roof you have, Renovize Homes can send the right, experienced roofer to you.

Planning Permission

Fortunately, roof replacements do not normally need planning permission as you are not changing the structure. Therefore, you can insert roof lights or skylights to your hearts content, as long as it is all in line with local building regulations. For properties, who will need planning permission, fear not. Our trusty Advisers, Project Managers and Structural Engineers can sort it all out for you. Roof replacements wanting solar panels in place will have to be categorised on a case by case basis.


Most people when they draw a house, draw four lines and a triangular roof. This Victorian/Edwardian roof structure may have been around for a while, but there are new roofs in town. Roof structures include; traditional, flat, curved, panelised, trussed, green and insulation or warm roofs. Please pop on over to our Contact Page, to call or pop into our office for more information on the best roof for your building.


When it comes to the roof, it is all about pitch. The pitch of the roof needs to be two things, 1) Functional and 2) Cost-effective. Get the pitch wrong, as in too steep and you will be paying in material fees. Too low and you will be paying constantly to keep fixing the volume of water that collects and pools on your roof. Check out on our Swimming Pool page if that is what you are after

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