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A South-Eastern home improvement company, consisting of Architects, Project Consultants and Interior Designers, specialising in commercial, residential and public sector projects.

Fencing is the stylish way to define your space. Renovize Homes can design, build and fit any material/style of fencing you want.


Classically, fencing is made from wood and there is nothing wrong with that. A well constructed, fitted wooden fence can make a garden or preserve the perimeters of the outer property. Whatever type of fencing you need, Renovize Homes has the right fence for you. We can measure, install and paint, so you can sit back and admire the view.

Composite Fencing

For those of our clients who want timber fences but not the hassle, composite fencing is a great alternative. Durable like concrete and made from 75% recycled material, composite fencing is a low maintenance, heavy-weight fence option. This is the environmentally friendly, low cost, low hassle fencing replacement.


If you have been dreaming about a white picket fence, then perhaps you should think about uPVC fencing. Plastic fencing enables high quality at low costs. Once installed, maintenance is minimum. If all that was not good enough, uPVC fencing is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The fencing is made from lead-free, recycled uPVC. Our clients love uPVC fencing as a great alternative to traditional wooden fences. It allows clients to have the exact look they want, from colour to shape, without having to compromise or worry about long term maintenance.

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