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Fascia, soffit, gutter and bargeboard

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Bargeboards serve several purposes. Firstly, clients tend to use them to cover any exposed material. Secondly, they are used to protect the exposed material. Thirdly, they instantly add aesthetic appeal to the exterior of the house. Whilst they are typically made from wood, Renovize Homes can provide bargeboards in any colour or pattern to suit the clients property. It is important for those clients who wish to add a new bargeboard on top of an old one, to beware. Doing so often causes more damage, as it accelerates the deterioration of the bargeboards and possibly the fascia as well. Renovise Homes are happy to advise you on how best to go forwards.

Fascia’s are the vertical bands that are situated horizontally under the roofline. Composed of either wood or plastic, fascia’s act as waterproof protection for the cover fittings underneath. Fascia’s also secure the last row of roof tiles, keeping everything protected and in place. Renovize Homes, can provide clients with a range of patterns, colours and materials suitable for the building project. One recommendation, is fascia’s made from cypress wood as they less likely to decay and less likely to split or bend.

Guttering is an essential building requirement for rainwater goods. Renovize Homes can supply and fix all materials, the top three being; uPVC, metal and timber.

Sofits cover the underside of the fascia. Their job is to cover and protect the fascia’s, roofline and wall of the property from adverse weather conditions. Soffits usually include integrated vents that allow cool air to circulate under the roof. It pays to keep an eye on your soffits, as decayed ones can harm the property. The experts at Renovize Homes can fit or repair soffits, as well as coat them with water-resistant sealant.

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