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Renovize Homes can install, maintain and clean your driveway. Below is a selection of recommended materials, however, Renovize Homes are happy to work with a variety of materials.

Tarmac is a cost-effective and hard-wearing material, perfect for heavy loads or highly-used driveways. They require little maintenance and look good from the day it is laid.

There are many shades of gravel. Driveways owners desiring a gravel alternative can pick from a wide selection of colours, sizes and cost. Whilst the more premium gravel comes with a slightly higher price bracket, it is worth considering for a more long-lasting, aesthetically appealing driveway.

The benefits of concrete driveways are plenty, not least because they are durable, hard-wearing and require little maintenance. They exude practicality over beauty, but for those clients wanting a pretty concrete driveway, there is an alternative. Renovize Homes, also offers imprinted concrete driveways, meaning clients have the best of both worlds. Permeable concrete and asphalt also allows water to pass through the gaps.

Resin is made from UV resistant resin and small, smooth stones. This material makes it an affordable and durable driveway. The other benefit of resin means it can easily be adapted and customised, either in shape or colour to fit inline with the rest or the property. Our team of experts can advise clients on whether their driveway would be more beneficial to include bonded or bound resin.

Don’t worry, we aren’t offering to plant you grass seeds and cut in a driveway. Although we definitely could. Grass paving is a driveway material made out of concrete or plastic. The material is in a honeycomb structure, which makes it hard-wearing, allowing heavy vehicles to drive across and park on. The beauty of this material, is that is allows grass to grow through the plastic structure. Therefore, clients who choose grass paving for their drives or pathways are picking natural, durable and eye-catching designs.

Brick is a popular choice for a reason. Red brick not only looks beautiful, but it is durable and cost-effective. At Renovize Homes, we make sure the base is professionally prepared before the bricks are laid. We take our preparation seriously and this means we can design brick driveways in a modern or more traditional pattern.

Renovize Homes offers a complete package, from sourcing the material to laying the driveway and upkeeping maintenance. Depending on the material you have picked, Renovize Homes will offer the suitable maintenance required, including upkeep, protection and cleaning.

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