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A decking area can transform your garden from a space you want to be in, to a space you don’t. Therefore, choosing the right material for your deck is imperative.

Renovize Homes offer a variety of decking materials and can source, lay and maintain your decking dreams. Below, we have listed our top materials but Renovize Customers are more than welcome to select an alternative:

Pressure-treated Lumber is made from grounded southern yellow pine, which is then doused with chemicals that prevent fungus, rot and wood-boring insects. It is a cost-effective and popular decking alternative. However, Renovize Homes advises clients who wish their laid decking to be made from this material, that it does need proper maintenance care. The material is liable to crack, which is why Renovize Homes offers routine maintenance that will enhance the longevity of this decking.

The specialist team at Renovize Homes have experts on hand to lay the most prestigious redwood and cedar decking. Rich-grained wood such as cumaru, tigerwood and Philippine mahogany are also durable and resistant to rot. The more exotic woods, however, are harder to drill. However, with over thirty years experience, Renovize Homes can properly source and fit all decking, without ruining the aesthetic.

Composite decking is compromised from recyclable plastic and wood fibers. This makes it unlikely to stain, decay, warp or crack over time. This type of decking may not seem like the better alternative, but unlike wood it does not need to be sanded or stained. Whilst they are weather resistant and easy to maintain, mould and mildew can grow in the shade, so it is best to consider where you will be placing your decking.

There are some real perks to aluminum decking. Consider, no insects eating the wood, no cracks, no rot and slip resistant. Aluminum is also lighter and more durable than any other decking material. This means, the long-term benefit makes it low maintenance and cost-effective. It is cut the same way as wood and doe not burn in the summer sun, thanks to its heat-dissipation properties.

Similar to our uPVC Fencing, the majority of our uPVC decking is made from recycled materials and contains no lead. This type of material does not rot, can be cleaned by soap and water and is fixed onto a steel sub-frame which offers durability and strength. Both the handrails and deckboards come in a variety of different colours, meaning your deck can either blend in or stand out.

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