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3D/2D Architectural Drawings

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2D Architectural Drawings

Architectural drawing is the name used to cover technical drawings that cover everything to do with Architecture. The drawings serve a multi-purpose: they develop ideas into viable proposals, help communicate ideas visually, meaning there is less miscommunication and enable work to be done faster due to the clear-cut nature of the 2D & 3D designs.

The designs can be used for new builds, extensions, conversions and other. They include floor plans, annotations, cross-referencing, measurement and scales. We use CAD software to make all of our 3D and 2D drawings.

3D Architectural Drawings

If you want a job to go right the first time, then 3d Architectural drawings are the way forward. They have been proven by experts to speed up the process due to the visual impact of the drawings, which led to fewer mistakes and a clearer overall impression of what the end result needs to be.

The standard views of both 3D and 2D drawings are listed as follows:

Site Plan

Floor Plan


     Cross Section

The perspective represented in architectural drawings are of a flat surface that is perceived by the eye.  The perspective shows a view from a particular vantage point in which horizontal and vertical edges are represented in the drawing as horizontal and vertical lines. Usually, Architectural Designers draw from a two-point perspective which reduces distortion by viewing objects at an angle. We can provide you with both one, two and three-point perspectives.

For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can provide a range of Architectural drawings to help you with your project and in doing so alleviate some of your stress. We can take over the whole project for you, so you’re left with no stress, but we shall leave that option up to you.

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