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Quantity Surveying

Our Quantity Surveyors calculate and manage the costing of your building project. From the materials needed to the cost of the workforce, they sort it.

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Quantity Surveyor

The role of the Quantity Surveyor continues to evolve, as we move towards a faster and greener world. Fundamentally, the role of Quantity Surveyor is to forecast and assemble the monetary quantities of the construction before building work takes place. Essentially they play a key role in the financial and construction process of a project, by; estimating costs, managing costs, providing and managing costing techniques, procurement and dealing with contractual matters. By determining the value of the project, they are able to prepare the pricing of the documents and provide contractual advice.

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To note, the main key duties of a Quantity Surveyor is:

Pre-contract – This is in reference to the procurement and contractual advice, alongside the control and management of the design stage, helping to prepare contract documentation.

Consultancy Management – Provide expert advice on contractual claims as well as acting as an independent point of contact in unforeseeable instances when a dispute needs to be settled.

Review of Tender – Review tender reports in order to identify cost-risks, provide estimates and calculate the overall cost of the project.

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In most cases, people have a number in their head of how much they want to spend. They’ve done their research, shopped around and know their limit. In an ideal world, the cost of the project would sit comfortably on the lower end of the threshold. But we’ve all watched enough home improvement shows to know that unfortunately that rarely happens. Unless, you hire a Quantity Surveyor, whose primary job is to keep a project within budget.  That’s because a Quantity Surveyor has a realistic idea of the costs of goods and services. Meaning that unlike those new to building or certain areas/ site projects they know how to assess costs in-depth, providing a comprehensive budget guide.

For large projects, Quantity Surveyors cost more to leave behind. They play an essential role in managing the technicalities and budgeting of the service from the wages of the installers to the price of materials and equipment. It helps to give as much detail to them as possible in the planning stage so that they can offer an accurate estimation. By involving them from the beginning, you are helping your project to be better estimates and budget costs achieved. It pays to look at hiring a Quantity Surveyor as someone who is on your side, constantly keeping costs and mistakes at a minimum.


AutoCAD is “a computer-aided drafting software programme used to create blueprints for buildings, bridges, and computer chips, among other things” – Study.com. It enables CAD Designers, Structural Engineers, Architects and Quantity Surveyors to market 2D and 3D drawings.  For Quantity Surveyors, CAD enables them to extract data, such as measurements, from the software. The CAD is far superior to old-fashioned paper drawings and enables a more accurate extraction of details. The measurements are based on Drawing Units which can be used to represent any real-world measurement unit.

Quantity Surveying F.A.Q.

What is Cost monitoring?2018-09-27T11:26:47+00:00

Cost monitoring is monitoring all the costs related to the project. It ensures money is being spent responsibly and will result in the successful completion of the project.

What size project needs a Quantity Surveyor?2018-09-27T11:03:20+00:00

A Quantity surveyor cost checks everything, meaning an extension you’re willing to pay £20,000 for could actually be £15,000. By working with both the Architects and the Tradespeople they can ensure that you are only ever paying for the work that is being done.  Usually, a Quantity Surveyor would be paid separately and would then help find contractors for the job. However, rather uniquely Renovize Homes offers all building services from A- Z.  Meaning our Quantity Surveyors can be a standalone service, helping you to find contractors or providing you with our own Tradespeople.

Quantity Surveyors can advise you of the costs of your project throughout, making sure you don’t get ripped off and helping you deal with any claims if need be. They can strategize, plan work, and ensure timescales and legalities are reasonable and upheld.

What does a Quantity Surveyor do?2018-09-27T09:25:02+00:00

It would be hard to briefly state all the things a Quantity Surveyor does. Essentially they advise over the initial costings all the way through from the drawing to the development stage. They calculate all costs involved from materials to the tradespeople.

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