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Choosing The Right Interior Improvement For You

Figuring out the right interior improvement to do next can fill like job in itself, thats why our Friendly staff are here not just to answer any questions you might have, they have also been specially trained to help you decide on, not only what it is you want but what it is you need from your House to truly make it a Home.
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To find out what would be involved in your next Home Renovation and weather it is suitable we offer a free now obligation consultation by one of our specialist surveyors. During the consolation a Full Home survey  will be undertaken we, this service will include a free damp inspection and roof integrity test, we are then able to discuss your options, answer any questions and provide a quotation based on the extent of the work that you would like to have done.
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At Renovize Homes, we use specially trained fitters, surveyors and trusted suppliers to ensure the continuous continuity of our work, We are here to work with you and we cater for all budget
The cost of a any Home Renovation will depend on a number of factors, the Home size, construction, condition and level of service required.
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After which we hope you will have an understanding of our services and the products we use and can decide which service would be better for you.
You can contact us now on 0330 60 60 609 where you can discuss the future of your home today,  our office hours are 10am till 7pm Monday to Friday.
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