Eco-Vation is the terminology given to the renovation of old homes that need a modern makeover. And what’s great about this type of makeover is that it is an eco-friendly and affordable alteration, that lets you enjoy the history of your old home with modern day comforts. You don’t need to sit in your draughty manor any longer. In fact, according to Energy Saving Trust, full draughtproofing of your home can save you a nifty £55 a year with an extra £65 on top because without the draught your home is more comfortable at a lower temperature. Therefore, this simple modern-day transformation can save you £120 in total, which isn’t too shabby at all. This news is particularly appealing to those of us enamoured with the period doors and windows of older properties, which may look great but cause stiff back and crooked necks from all the draughts they let in. The other thing to evaluate is how thin the glass often is on listed properties. Original glass is a lot thinner than the modern standard of new windows. By installing double or even triple glazed windows, you are keeping the heat in much more effectively, which means a decrease in your energy bills. And if you don’t like to hear about how to decrease energy bills, then Eco-Vation is probably not for you.

Even the government are all for Eco-Vation and have proposed an incentive known as the “Green Deal.” The Green Deal is the most recent carbon-saving proposal, whereby funding has been provided to reduce domestic energy consumption. This is not only beneficial to the homeowner wanting to save a few bob, but for the planet. Essentially the Green Deal is a loan that allows homeowners to take out a maximum of £10,000 with an interest of 6.95%, which will be paid through homeowner’s energy bills across a 25-year period. The loan can be used on anything that will ultimately benefit the property so that it becomes more eco-friendly property. The loan is tied to the house, not the homeowner, meaning if you left the next owner would continue to pay. The list below details the type of alterations the loan should be used for:

  • Loft insulation
  • Double glazing
  • Smart meters
  • Solar power
  • Air and ground source pumps
  • Biomass boilers
  • Solid and cavity wall insulation

The only thing to bear in mind, that like most things the Government allow, there are rules that must be adhered to. You can find out more from the official Department of Energy & Climate Change website or from the link to provided.

If you’re looking for a quick fix to keep your energy bills low then we have some recommendations provided by Home & Renovation below:

  • Buy energy efficient appliances
  • Insulate heating pipes
  • Buy extractor fans with heat recovery
  • Reduce the temperature of your hot taps
  • Install click taps & low flush toilets

And it goes without saying; make sure you flick off the energy and light switches when you’re done. Don’t have baths and then showers. Think about what you’re using and slowly your energy bills will reduce.