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Do you offer a free no obligation quote?

Yes! We offer a free no obligation quote to all of our customers. One of our sales consultants will come out to your property and take measurements, answer any questions you may have, offer guidance and provide you with a no-obligation quote. Unlike other companies, we provide very in-depth quotes, to ensure that our customer knows exactly where their money is going.

Can you help us with our planning application / building regulation forms / council application forms?

Yes! We provide an all-inclusive service if that is what you are after. We can take care of all the paperwork for you so that you are left stress-free. Having been in Ashford for over 15 years, we have a long, respectful relationship with the local councils in and around Kent.

Who sources the materials and manages the required work?

We do. Whilst we offer a separate more detailed project management service for those wanting a continuous, one-on-one and daily update of their project, we do generally manage the project. Meaning, we source all the materials, manage the installers, and deal with any unforeseen circumstances.

How are payments handled and dealt with?

Any respectable business company worth their salt will NEVER ask for a 100% payment up front. We work on a scheduled payment scheme, which will be outlined in your contract. Our stage payment means you can see exactly where your money is going and are usually split over 3 or 4 instalments.

Can you guide us through the design process?

Yes! Our architectural designer is on hand to offer you a visual description of exactly what your project will ultimately look like. We also offer 2D or 3D architectural drawings for a fee. The drawings have proven very effective for our customers, helping them to stick to their budget and get work completed in record time.

How far would you travel?2018-09-26T13:17:36+00:00

We would never limit ourselves to distance if the right project came along!  At the moment we work predominantly in the South-East.

Can you help us with the planning application?2018-09-26T13:14:28+00:00

Yes! We can do everything for you. Our team will guide you through the process, preparing the documents and submitting applications that meet all local authoritative guidelines. After planning approval has been granted, we will prepare the specification and construction drawings. This can either be sent to tender or you can remain in-house and allow us to continue the project with our installers.

How do you sort out payment?2018-09-26T13:09:11+00:00

After you have been provided with the quote, a fixed price will be put in place. We then work everything out, so that you can pay in stage payments. We do this so that you can see exactly where your money is going.

Will we need any other professionals on our project?2018-09-26T13:03:00+00:00

Every project is different and it will depend on the services you require. However, we offer an A-Z of building services which means should your project need a Structural Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, specialised Tradesperson or other we can provide you with an in-house service.  This minimises confusion, keeps the concept clear in everyone’s mind and offers a quicker turnaround then having to contract out of the company.

What happens at the initial consultation?2018-09-26T12:10:44+00:00

We offer a free, no-obligation quote for all new projects. This initial consultation is a great opportunity for you to see whether you think we are the right company for your building project. It also allows us to get a scope for the work, whereby we can discuss your thought process, ideas and concepts, whilst showcasing our capabilities and experience. The consultation is also a great time for you to ask any questions you may have, and for both parties to clarify information before we provide you with an in-depth quote for your project.

Why should we choose you?2018-09-26T12:00:59+00:00

We started out as a construction company and soon expanded to include our own certified and professional Architects. Our expansion makes us unique, as unlike other companies we can provide all the services in-house, meaning less wait time and a more seamless transition from concept to reality. Working from both sides of the coin we have found that our strength lies in our ability to accurately convey the preferences and concepts detailed by our customers all the way through from the drawing stage to the construction.

Why do I need an Architect?2018-09-25T13:53:51+00:00

Our in-house Architects and Architectural Designers are trained professionals that provide you value for money by keeping a check on your budget and providing expert design skills.

What is Cost monitoring?2018-09-27T11:26:47+00:00

Cost monitoring is monitoring all the costs related to the project. It ensures money is being spent responsibly and will result in the successful completion of the project.

What size project needs a Quantity Surveyor?2018-09-27T11:03:20+00:00

A Quantity surveyor cost checks everything, meaning an extension you’re willing to pay £20,000 for could actually be £15,000. By working with both the Architects and the Tradespeople they can ensure that you are only ever paying for the work that is being done.  Usually, a Quantity Surveyor would be paid separately and would then help find contractors for the job. However, rather uniquely Renovize Homes offers all building services from A- Z.  Meaning our Quantity Surveyors can be a standalone service, helping you to find contractors or providing you with our own Tradespeople.

Quantity Surveyors can advise you of the costs of your project throughout, making sure you don’t get ripped off and helping you deal with any claims if need be. They can strategize, plan work, and ensure timescales and legalities are reasonable and upheld.

What does a Quantity Surveyor do?2018-09-27T09:25:02+00:00

It would be hard to briefly state all the things a Quantity Surveyor does. Essentially they advise over the initial costings all the way through from the drawing to the development stage. They calculate all costs involved from materials to the tradespeople.

What is the difference between a Structural Engineer and a Surveyor?2018-09-27T09:03:26+00:00

A Chartered Structural Engineer is the one who carries out a structural survey of the property, assessing the structural integrity of the property. There is often confusion between a structural survey and a building survey. It is the responsibility of a Chartered Surveyor to carry out a building survey, which is a bespoke report assessing the services and maintenance of the house, rather than its structural support. Therefore, whilst a Chartered Structural or Civil Engineer carries out a survey, they are not classified as Surveyors. Instead, a Surveyor is a name given to those who carry out building surveys.

What is a the difference between Civil and Structural Engineer?2018-09-27T08:52:49+00:00

A Civil Engineer focuses on the physical and naturally built environment. They design, construct and maintain features such as roads, bridges, dams, canals, airports, pipelines, railways and so on. Whereas, a Structural Engineer focuses predominantly on man-made structures. They shape the world to fit around them, unlike Civil Engineers who work around the natural landscape.

Do you share our properties information with third parties?2018-09-26T15:07:56+00:00

No. Your information is kept completely confidential and you (the customer) is the only person we send our reports to unless you ask us to do otherwise.

What don’t you inspect?2018-09-26T15:03:50+00:00

We do not inspect areas such as services (plumbing, electrics), decorations, roof coverings or the condition of the property which may be a result of rot, timber infestation or damp. For the inside of the building to be checked you will need a Building Surveyor.

Do I have to be the owner of the property?2018-09-26T14:53:42+00:00

No, you do not need to be the owner of the property. We often work with estate agents, vendors and third parties to gain access to the property.

I think my property is subsiding2018-09-26T14:51:02+00:00

Yes. We can help you by providing a full structural engineers report, which will evaluate whether your property is suffering from structural movement. We recommend you do this regardless of whether you need this for an insurance claim or not.

What part of the property do you inspect?2018-09-26T14:43:54+00:00

Our report consists of the inspection of the external, visible, structural elements of the property. Which includes but is not limited to, the  external load-bearing walls, roof structure, coloumns, floors, beams and internal load bearing walls.

My property is showing abnormal cracks, what should I do?2018-09-26T14:29:56+00:00

A structural engineering report will ensure that your property has been fully checked over. The report will offer a clear and precise reporting of your property, pinpointing any major problems and offering solutions. Often it is advisable to do these reports if only to provide peace of mind. If we do find a significant problem, we can work with you to provide solutions or help you put your project out to tender.

How long do these reports take to produce?2018-09-26T14:17:07+00:00

It’s hard to give a set date, but usually, we aim to deliver a report within 7 to 10 days, providing we have access to the property. If you need it quicker than our approximate timescale, then please get in touch and we will strive to meet your requirements.

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