Conservatories, Are The Rooms Without Rules

The Aesthetics

Granted, the Conservatory has had a rocky past. It has an out-dated reputation of being a fussy, plastic extension that’s too hot to sit in during the summer and too cold to sit in for winter. All in all a conservatory seems like a waste of money, time and resources. Whilst botched builders and overzealous companies have earned fast money from constructing these uninhabitable side rooms, the Conservatory industry has been busy reimagining what a real Conservatory should be.

Now customers can have Orangeries, Glass Atriums, Glass Canopies, Winter-gardens, Glazed Structures, Living Rooms and Conservatories all insulated and constructed to compliment the ever-changing seasons of a British year. The options don’t stop there, with innumerable styles of doors and windows on offer. Now customers can create bespoke Conservatories that are tailored to their needs. From timber framed, glass sliding doors that create an effortless transition from the homes interior to outdoors. Or, aluminium windows that create a unique elevated aesthetic to the exterior of the

bespoke conservatory

The Heat

Gone are the days of messy, plastic structures, nowadays the Conservatory is a room without rules. Now the aesthetics are complete, it’s time to talk about heating. The key words here are “insulation,” and “ventilation.”

In response to ventilation, it is of astronomical importance that roof vents are put in place to ensure trapped heat can be released, especially during the hot summer months. Solar roof panels have been advertised to be sufficient enough to release heat without roof vents being needed. Even Conservatory roof’s that are constructed with trickle ventilation within the eaves and ridges will only help to prevent condensation and/or moisture build-up rather than full ventilation. However, a roof vent will allow all of those things and omit the heat from the room, making it a constantly habitable space. That way you don’t have to shut it off in the winter months or cool it down in the summer months.

For installation, the best way is to consider triple glazing from the start. The cladding, structure and glazing will work best when you pick high-quality specialists, such as Renovize Homes to inform you on what is needed for your property.

Another way to keep your room the temperature you want is underfloor heating. Wet underfloor heating is not only more cost-effective than electric but runs more efficiently as it is connected to your existing system.

Bespoke conservatory

The Cost

Unlike the existing structure of your house, Conservatories are rooms that can be built from scratch to suit you. There are no rules as to how it must look or behave as a functioning room but the rules YOU make. Renovize Homes have over thirty years experience in the Home Renovation and Improvement Company. The average cost of a conservatory is between £20,000 to £45,000 but what we do, is work within your budget to keep the cost low and the quality high.

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