What are the different types of garage door you can buy?

With so many options swamping the market, choosing a garage door may seem like a painful process. However, with some simple know-how of the key types available, you can swiftly make a decision that offers the security, functionality and kerb appeal you’re searching for. We provide a basic summary in this article – for more [...]

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Do you live in a broadband blackspot?

Less than 20 years ago, few people had even heard of broadband. Now it’s the nation’s lifeblood. In one of our recent Twitter polls, a staggering 86% of you said slow broadband would put you off moving to a new area. But where are the best and worst spots in the UK? Our friends at uSwitch [...]

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How to Choose the Right Mattress Topper & Pad

Have you ever wondered how to go about choosing the right top layer for your mattress? First things first. It is important to understand the difference between a mattress topper and a mattress pad. A mattress topper is used in addition to a pad or protector to provide extra comfort, joint support, and warmth. It [...]

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How to save money on your home improvements in 2018

Between 20% and 30% of people would like to spend less on home improvements in 2018 than they did in 2017, according to a study by Plentific.com, while less than 20% plan on spending more. The research, conducted in January 2018, asked 2,001 homeowners to reflect on their home improvement plans for the next 12 [...]

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CCTV vs Burglar Alarms

Recently the chief inspector for South Cambridgeshire Constabulary flagged up an interesting debate – should businesses and homeowners be considering CCTV over, and above, burglar alarms? Chief inspector James Sutherland made the statement at a local police panel meeting, saying: “One of the reasons why solving crime in rural areas is much harder than cities [...]

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Historic Lodge Will Feature Larger Guest Rooms, Luxury Amenities and a Full Service Spa

Sun Valley Resort is excited to announce plans to enhance the Sun Valley Lodge, originally constructed in 1936 as America's first destination ski resort. The project will refurbish guest rooms as well as update the lobby, restaurant and other guest amenities. Some of the smallest rooms will be combined to create suites with fireplaces and [...]

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Renovating your holiday home? Then tell your insurance

If you are planning to give your holiday home a major makeover in order to widen its appeal or increase its value, don’t forget to tell your holiday home insurer. Contact your insurer before work commences on any conversions, extensions or other structural work to the buildings – as this may change the conditions of [...]

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Where do I start with my extension?

You’ve made the exciting decision to extend your home and can’t wait to add more space and value! But where do you actually begin? Our handy step by step guide fills you in…breaking it down into simple steps! Image source Express Bi-Folding Doors Step 1 – Get planning!!! Before you speak to any professional, draw up [...]

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6 great ways to make open plan living work

We are big fans of open plan living and love how it brings the whole family together by creating a sociable space. Open plan living is also great for maximising the space in your home and making it feel so much bigger. There are however some pitfalls which include toys sprawling on the kitchen floor, the smell [...]

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Six steps to manage your renovation and extension deadline

What happens when an ambitious extension or renovation needs to be done in a less than forgiving time frame? Dominic Lutyens finds out whether tight deadlines require endless compromise or steely determination... There’s an abundance of reasons why homeowners need to extend or alter their home, from adding another room in time for an expanding [...]

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