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The Importance of High-Quality Paint

We're all trying to save a buck, and there's nothing quite like the thrill of getting a good deal. But when it comes to paint for your house (both interior and exterior), should you go for the cheapest option? When you need a few gallons of paint, it certainly seems less painful to shell out [...]

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Why Does Paint Bubble, Peel, and Crack?

Paint is one of the best transformative tools any homeowner has. It can change the entire look, and even feel, of a room or home. And it doesn't even cost as much as a new sofa set. However, with great transformation comes the potential for great frustration. If things don't go completely right; if the elements [...]

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Which Paint Color Is Best for Your Master Bedroom?

Your master bedroom is your personal space. It should be painted in colors that reflect your own personality, not somebody else’s. No matter how beautiful a certain color looks in a magazine, if you don’t like it or feel at ease around it, you shouldn’t be using it in your master bedroom. This is the [...]

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hand painted statement wall

  I've been drawing and painting on walls (and even floors) for a long time now. I am pretty sure that my 6th birthday party when my parents let all of us draw on the wall completely changed my perspective on the potential of a wall! Recently, after rearranging our master bedroom around, I had [...]

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