Investing in double glazed windows is a worthwhile cost, providing increased thermal efficiency that will make significant savings on your heating bill in the long term. Maintaining your windows is essential to ensure they last for years, minimising the damage caused by wear and tear, weather effects, and other outside elements. We’ve listed some of [...]

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How to Buy Garage Doors

It turns out that there’s quite a lot to know before buying a new garage door. Claire Lloyd meets industry experts to find out more Today there’s much more to choosing a new garage door than buying the best-looking model for your budget. Thermal performance, security and potential maintenance are increasingly vital. “Ease of access [...]

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Entrance Designs

What front doors can I choose from? Your first decision when updating front doors is what type of external doors you want to use, taking into account style, security and accessibility. Investing in a high quality front door is always worthwhile – this is a purchase where a little extra money goes a long way. [...]

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Door styles

We offer door service, for example, Handle Replacement, painting, Letter box instalment, glass repairs and others. We like to recommend door replacement if needed, to suit your house style. We have a lot of different styles of door such as slide door, composite doors, sliding patio doors, uPVC entrance doors and others, we only recommend it to you if we [...]

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