• 7th February 2018
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    Building Work FAQ: True or False

    We’d never had building work done before, being DIY champs, so we had no idea what to expect. To assist others about to embark upon the same journey, I’ve prepared a handy FAQ covering all the essentials of the experience. 1. You will finally figure out the lyrics to Rianna ‘Work’ after hearing it a

    • 6th February 2018
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    Below are four major types of coatings to be compared to answer the question: what is the best roof coating? The information below comes from a study performed in the early 2000’s, read the study here. Asphalt emulsions These coatings are emulsified asphalt and consist of asphalt particles dispersed in water; they utilize clay as the

    • 3rd January 2018
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    Choosing the Right Driveway Material

    For those of us who are lucky enough to have the space, a driveway can be both a blessing and a curse. A solid concrete driveway should last more or less forever, but one that starts crumbling or has not been well-constructed can be costly to repair or replace. It won’t take too long for

    • 3rd January 2018
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    Winter Working

      Although British Winters aren’t famous for heavy snow, inclement weather is still likely, from heavy frosts to cold winds which can introduce a whole range of new and additional risks into an already high-risk environment. It is essential that these risks be dealt with, and clients and principal contractors must take positive action to

    • 15th December 2017
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    How to Get your Dream Kitchen

    In many homes, the kitchen’s status is far greater than simply being an area for food prep. Spacious kitchen areas now fulfil many additional roles and have become the central hub for family life. It follows that the kitchen takes up a sizeable proportion of any self build project’s budget and many extension and renovation

    • 15th December 2017
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    Causes of Damp

      All houses, whatever their age, contain moisture. It will be present in the building materials used and the air within the home. The natural tendency of moisture is to spread out from wet to dry areas, and also to move downwards under the influence of gravity, and your house construction should allow for this.


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