Based in the South-East, Renovize Homes are a home improvement company, consisting of Architects, Project Consultants and Interior Designers, specialising in commercial, residential and public sector projects.

The first part of any building project begins with the design. A great design will add value to your house, create a space unique for you and save you the hassle of having to tackle planning permission. Our specialist Architects work closely with you and the local council to ensure planning application is approved. At Renovize Homes, we offer our customers the complete package. From the moment we meet, our specialist team can advice, design, manage, insure and convert all home improvement projects. Over the last thirty years we have worked on garage extensions, loft renovations and basement conversions.

For us, a building is not just bricks and mortar, it is a versatile space that brings people together.

Designed by expert Architects, our buildings fulfil customer requirements with innovative and sustainable architecture. We aim to create buildings that contribute to their surroundings.  And we do this by providing skilled workmanship that work ecologically and economically. 

Architectural Drawings

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