We at Renovize Homes are a client oriented company that strive to meet our clients needs and wants individually when is come to their home renovation and improvements. We want to insure that our clients are looked after from the first time contact is made and after the service is carried out. We believe helping our clients is key and what we want to give to our clients is to help them build the home they have always desired and doing their homework for them saving them time and money for the more important things.



Our workforces are divided into two teams, customer services, and installation team. Both teams are trained to the highest standing to be friendly and professional. Our customer services team treat every client as the individual that you are.  They will be looking after you to ensure that your needs are met even if you are just wanting to find out more information regarding our services.

Our installation team, are trained experts with years of experience meaning that your services is carried out to the highest standard of your expectation. The installation team know how to look after our client’s property by ensuring work carried out is neat and tidy allow life to go on as normal with little disruption and to clean up once all work is completed leaving our clients property, with the improvement completed,  as if we have never been. Above all both of our teams strive and aspire to the company’s goals and also look forward to helping our clients.


We as a company started with roof renovation and over the years have expanded more and more into the home improvement industry. Covering service as wall protection, conservatories, extensions, roof replacements and much much more. We do aspire to become one of the leading in the home improvement industry which is why we value our clients above all else and will ensure that they are looked after the service is carried out. What we have done is we have made sure we can get an underwritten insurance back guarantee for as many of our services as we a can and we always keeping an eye to find best and latest technology to offer our clients when they want services carried out.

We being a home renovation company believe that our first home was given to us by mother nature. On top of striving to excellent customer services we strive to look after mother nature. When we are looking for what the best and latest technology,  we look to see what is the most eco-friendly way of carrying out our services. We have already incorporated eco-friendly ways into most of the services particular roof renovation, wall protection and conservatories. Making sure that very little to no damage happens to our first home

Renovize Homes is a company that strives on customer services as we believe our clients are the key. Our workforces are trained to look after our clients so that your needs as an individual are met. We always go above to bringing our clients the latest in home improvement and renovation technology that is eco-friendly and then doing our utmost to give insurance back guarantee to give our clients extra peace of mind.



We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


Work with us involve a carefully planned series of steps, centered around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.


Here at Renovize Homes, our mission is to provide a high quality level of workmanship and finishing, which is both competitive and uncompromised to our commercial and residential customers. The latest processes and technologies will be incorporated into all our services in order to help build a strong client base with consistent relationship marketing, consequently providing an unrivaled level of customer satisfaction. Overall we aim to be one of the market leaders within the home renovation and general building maintenance industry.


  • Do you take on commercial contracts?

    We have a dedicated department for commercial projects including local councils, schools, hotels, offices and private flats.

  • Does your work come with a guarantee?

    Our Wall Renovation and Roof Renovation service have a 10-year insurance backed guarantee with GGFI.

    Our Conservatories and Conservatory Roof Replacement come with 10-year insurance backed guarantee with GGFI.

  • Can I choose which finish and colour I want?

    Absolutely. We pride ourselves on offering a range of colours for our Roof Renovation and Wall Renovation service.

  • How does the application method work?

    Is there an ideal time of year or weather condition for applying wall or roof coatings? How does the application method work?
    Most of our micro porous (breathable) coating systems can be applied to dry or damp surfaces all year round.
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