6 great ways to make open plan living work

We are big fans of open plan living and love how it brings the whole family together by creating a sociable space. Open plan living is also great for maximising the space in your home and making it feel so much bigger. There are however some pitfalls which include toys sprawling on the kitchen floor, the smell [...]

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Six steps to manage your renovation and extension deadline

What happens when an ambitious extension or renovation needs to be done in a less than forgiving time frame? Dominic Lutyens finds out whether tight deadlines require endless compromise or steely determination... There’s an abundance of reasons why homeowners need to extend or alter their home, from adding another room in time for an expanding [...]

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Why do people extend their homes?

From creating a modern feel to designing an integrated living space, Dominic Lutyens explores the thinking behind four home extensions The classic home extension is a ground-floor structure that projects into a garden, allowing indoors and outdoors to blend virtually seamlessly. But the construction of one isn’t restricted to building sideways – it can apply [...]

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The pros and cons of living on site during a build

The blueprints have been agreed, building permission has been granted and the contractors are ready to go. Now you just have to decide one last thing about the project – should you stay or should you go? Living on site while a major renovation or extension is underway has its benefits – you learn how [...]

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4 ways to expand your city home

When you’re living in a built-up area, creating an extra room for visitors or your growing family can be a challenge. Dominic Lutyens finds some innovative solutions to making the most out of your space. Living in a busy urban metropolis may afford you easy access to your workplace, with a range of restaurants, bars [...]

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